Incorporating Luxury Roses into Interior Design

Incorporating Luxury Roses into Interior Design

If you have decided that it is time to give your interior design an overhaul, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of rooms you need to decorate. Choosing the right colors and accessories can be challenging, but incorporating flower arrangements into your interior design is a simple way of adding elegance and beauty to any room.

At Palatial Petals®, we specialize in creating stunning arrangements of long-lasting roses that will take your interior spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Everyone from the Kardashians and DJ Khaled to Danielle Brooks and several NBA and NFL players love our unique creations, and in today’s post, we’ll review how easy it is to incorporate luxury roses into any room. Read on to learn more and then shop our Specialty Collections for a wide variety of customizable rose arrangements.

Tips for Decorating with Luxury Roses

Incorporating stunning rose arrangements into your foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom is easier than it seems.


Because the foyer is the first space that your friends and family see when they enter your home, it is important that the design elements of this space send the right message. All too often, foyers are boring, sterile spaces that lack style, or worse, have piles of shoes and backpacks littering the space. Placing an arrangement of long-lasting roses on your side table is an easy way to make your guests feel welcome the second they walk through your door. Our Large Round Rose Box arrangements are perfect for foyers, and in addition to looking spectacular, they give off a pleasant rose fragrance that your guests will enjoy.

Living Room

Whether you like to spend time as a family watching your favorite television shows and movies or you prefer to cozy up on the couch with a good book, chances are that your living room is a place you like to unwind at the end of a long day. Having the space designed in a manner that facilitates calmness and tranquility is an essential consideration to make as you are decorating the room. Incorporating a natural design element like some kind of greenery and flowers will help you achieve the relaxing environment you want, and a small rose arrangement will add a simple and natural touch of beauty to the space.

Dining Room

When you are thinking about how you can transform your dining room from a simple eating space into an elegant room that lends itself to conversation and stylish dining, it is not uncommon to feel a bit lost. Sure, a stunning dining room table or antique china hutch might provide suit your style, but as with anything else, the devil is in the details. Finding the right accessories for the space might seem challenging, but thankfully, luxury roses never go out of style. At Venus ET Fleur®, our roses come in 25 beautiful shades, allowing you to color coordinate your accessories with the rest of the design elements in the room.


Your kitchen is often referred to as the “command center” of the house. While this might be true, it is also one of the main gathering spaces for friends and family. If you have computers, paperwork, and calendars scattered about, it might be time for a design overhaul. Replacing the clutter with an island or peninsula centerpiece will make the space feel warm and inviting. For a versatile flower arrangement to serve as your centerpiece, look no further than our Small Rose Boxes and Small Rose Boxes Timeless Luxury™ Rose arrangements. With several options for customization, they are the perfect way to take your kitchen from a functional room to a stunning space.


Whether you have decided that it is time to redecorate your master bedroom or you are changing out the decorations in your guest room, it is important to decorate bedrooms in a manner that promotes relaxation and comfort. Roses are well known for their light floral fragrance, and it turns out the smell of roses is very beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Incorporating luxury roses into your master bedroom decor will add an element of romance to the space, and if you’re looking for guest room decor that promotes sound sleep and relaxation, roses will do the job.

Master Bathroom

Bathrooms were once seen as simple, utilitarian spaces, and the design elements usually echoed this sentiment. Homeowners today often view their master bathroom as an oasis that allows them to escape from the rest of the world. Because of this, it is no wonder that more and more people are looking for interior design elements that complement this spa-like environment. Adding flowers to your bathroom counter is a sure way to inject the elegance and serenity that you’re looking for. Featuring our stunning Timeless Luxury™ Roses in a clear acrylic case with a storage drawer, arrangements in our Mini Collection are perfectly suited for the task.

Luxury Roses Online

Are you ready to transform every room of your home with the simple elegance of luxury roses? If so, Palatial Petals® is here for you. There is a reason why our arrangements are the top choice of homeowners and celebrities alike. Our customizable Timeless Luxury™ Rose arrangements can last for a year with proper care, allowing you a long-term interior design solution for every room in your home. Visit our design inspiration gallery and start designing your arrangement today.

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