Black roses are one of the many unique colors offered by PALATIAL PETALS®Our sophisticated arrangements are handmade by in-house designers, providing an elegant masterpiece time after time. The black rose is a lesser-used color of rose but some consider it the most beautiful.

Let’s discuss the black rose’s history, meaning, and symbolism. It is a unique type of flower, and we hope to do it justice! 

Black roses are loved for their mysterious yet elegant appearance. The black rose is an extremely rare color but offers unrivaled beauty. Black roses aren’t exactly black. Instead, black roses derive their color from intense shades of purple or red rather than pure black. Black roses are an aesthetically pleasing flower that can add a gothic yet gorgeous element into your garden, home, or venue. The black rose has an interesting history and holds symbolism ranging from passionate love to deep-seated hatred.

In the floral world, roses are one of the most popular and coveted flowers. They were cherished in ancient civilizations and have been found in tombs and paintings belonging to great rulers, showing that this beautiful flower was loved even thousands of years ago

Where Do Black Roses Come From?


There is an interesting internet myth that surfaced a few years ago surrounding the black rose. An internet user suggested that completely black roses are only found in a small Turkish town called Halfeti due to the climate. It has since been proven that this was a myth to attract travelers and tourists. Nonetheless, very deep-colored roses can be found in Halfeti due to the PH of the water and the climate. These flowers attract many tourists and have helped Halfeti’s economy. 

There are a few ways to obtain a black rose. Firstly, you can dye a white or red rose black by soaking it in warm water with the dye of your choice. This method may take a few days to achieve the black rose look.

You can also grow black roses with seeds in your garden. There are a few different seed options to choose, like a breed of flower named ‘Dark Jade,’ in which the rose will turn a deep shade during the hot weather. However, this breed is more vulnerable to diseases and pests. Another option is ‘Black Baccara,’ which is the deepest shade of rose you can find, and darkens during cool weather. As it’s unscented, this breed of rose sadly loses some appeal with flower lovers. A third option is ‘Midnight Blue,’ which is not black but a very deep shade of purple and has a strong scent. 

Many gardeners suggest growing black roses in a greenhouse that will offer the optimal conditions for the flower. A greenhouse enables the cultivator to maintain ideal light and temperature for the roses to bloom in the darkest color it can. You can experiment with the temperature; this may make a difference! 

In the future, you might be able to naturally grow a pure black rose, as genetic engineers are working on a way to grow them. Once this is achieved, the black rose might see a boom in popularity.

If you do not have the time to create a black rose, check out Palatial Petals black roses! They look amazing, are a unique addition to your home’s décor, and can stand out among more neutral colors. Black roses also make sophisticated gifts in the correct context. 

The History of the Black Rose


In ancient civilizations, such as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the black rose symbolized power and strength. Since then, it has become a popular symbol in fiction. After dying out slightly, the black rose resurfaced in the Victorian Era through the Language of Flowers and was very popular in gothic and macabre literature. 

Flower language, otherwise known as floriography, is a way of communicating through flowers with different messages, so people can talk to each other with the coded messages rather than verbally. This began in the Victorian Era and continued long afterward. While it has faded out in modern society, it is still ingrained in many fictional works like video games, movies, TV shows, and more. 

The black rose has been used as a symbol throughout the ages in literature and pop culture, usually to show a tragic love or danger. For example, a black rose appeared in American Horror Story: Murder House, when Tate gave a black rose to Violet as a way of foreshadowing the future tragedy involving their romance.

The black rose has a dark meaning in history. It was used as a symbol within the Sicilian mafia to send a hidden message that could not be detected. If the mafia sent you a black rose, it meant murder was approaching.

The black rose has come to prominence through literature and pop culture throughout the ages. It has been a recurring symbol in the anarchist ideology since 1982, as ‘The Black Rose’ is a title of a critical journal of anarchist ideas (published in the 1970s). This has led to a US movement named Black Rose Anarchist Federation and a British socialist foundation named Black Rose Labour (a branch of the Labour Party). 

Another fictional example of the black rose is in a video game named Fable, illustrating the love between two anti-heroes to show the deep connection between the couple. The symbol of the black rose can tell a story of its own in fiction with the correct placement.

The Meaning of the Black Rose

The black rose can symbolize many different life events, and the context of how the black rose is used shows what the person intended to communicate. 

Death and Mourning

The black rose can be used as a symbol of death and mourning. This concept came from the tarot cards the death card. There is a white rose on the death card, which represents new beginnings after death to see the positivity of a tragic situation and hope for a new life. In contrast, the black rose signifies no return to the previous and living life without hope for life and happiness afterward. However, the black rose does not appear on every tarot card; it depends on the edition and the artist. As a result, the black rose has become a symbol of death’s tragic side and how loved ones mourn. 


However, the black rose can also be a symbol of new beginnings, representing rebirth positively. Therefore, it can be used as a gift for someone starting a new chapter in their life or used in literature to foreshadow a change for a character. 

The End of an Event

The black rose can be a symbol of the end of a significant life event, such as the end of an important relationship. Often, the end of a significant event can be a bittersweet experience; therefore, a black rose can show this, as it points towards tragedy yet a new positive beginning. The black rose can demonstrate to a person that you hope everything works out for the best and provide them with strength. 

Hatred and Tragedy

Some may see the black rose as a symbol of hatred or tragedy. It can show the end of the devotion. Often, this interpretation is used in fictional outlets to foreshadow or demonstrate what is going on to the audience. 

In Summary

A black rose can make a beautiful present for various occasions, like if a person in your life is starting a new career or job, for a special anniversary, or to anyone who embraces the gothic aesthetic in their lives. A black rose can signify your hope they will have the strength to succeed in their new beginnings. Additionally, black roses can make creative and gothic Halloween or themed party decorations! They are easy to obtain, look amazing, and are something to consider if you want to stand out. 

We hope this detailed exploration of the black rose has helped you grasp the history, meaning, and symbolism of this beautiful flower. Choose the black rose as a delicate standalone flower or in a larger eye-catching arrangement.


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