Travis Scott Spends Over $50,000 On Red Roses Filling Kylie Jenner's House

Travis Scott Spends Over $50,000 On Red Roses Filling Kylie Jenner's House

All Those Roses Filling Kylie Jenner's Foyer Likely Cost Travis Scott Upwards Of $50,000

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When Kylie Jenner gave birth to daughter Stormi last year, her sisters and various friends sent her bundles of flowers sculpted into all sorts of shapes, which was exactly what we expected for the youngest member of a family known for their love of over-the-top flower arrangements. With the bar so high, Travis Scott's simple gift of 443 roses signifying the exact time of Stormi's birth was, somehow, a tad underwhelming. But it seems that over the last year and a half, Jenner's partner has learned that to be part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, you must maintain a killer flower game. Scott demonstrated just how far he's come in this arena by gifting Jenner over $50,000-worth of rose petals ahead of her 22nd birthday.

Yesterday, Jenner took to Instagram to share that Travis Scott had filled her foyer with red rose petals as a way to kick-off her birthday week. One glance at the petal-strewn floor, and it's clear that pulling off this display took well over 443 roses. Josh Spiegel, president and creative director of Birch Event Design in Brooklyn, NY, confirmed this.
"Assuming the foyer is 2,000-square-feet, it would take approximately 16,000 roses to cover the area," Spiegel tells Refinery29. The creative director also says that many roses cost a nice chunk of change. "If the square foot assumption is correct, this extravagant gift would cost approximately $50,000 to $60,000."
If Travis Scott had wanted to make this rose petal present a surprise, he likely had to keep Kylie busy for quite some time while it was created because according to Spiegel, it would take around eight hours. "The process includes breaking all the roses, filling boxes, laying out plastic on the floor (so you don’t damage the floor or carpet) and then pouring the rose petals out evenly," he explains. "Something that seems super simple really needs to be done right."
Though Jenner pointed out that the gift was a bit early, writing in the caption of her Instagram post, "and it's not even my birthday yet!!!!!", Travis Scott probably had to plan this surprise in advance of her birthday for a reason. Spiegel shares that it would take anywhere between four days to one week to get all 16,000 roses if they were being sourced directly from farms outside of the United States. All that forethought definitely makes up for the comparatively measly 443 roses we saw from Travis Scott before.

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