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Bridal Pink & Snow White Preserved Roses That Last A Year - Small Pink Rose Box - Palatial Petals

Bridal Pink & Snow White Preserved Roses That Last A Year - Small Pink Rose Box

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Bridal Pink & Snow White Preserved Roses That Last A Year. An exquisite Rose Arrangement meticulously hand-set in an opulent Pink Soft-touch Round Shape Rose Box.

Our exclusive line of Timeless Luxury Roses™ are real, fresh-cut natural roses that have been delicately cultivated on our very own boutique rose farm in Ecuador. Using state-of-the-art preservation techniques and a sophisticated proprietary treatment, our Luxury Roses are magically transformed into Roses That Last A Year. In fact, when kept in optimal conditions these beautiful Preserved Roses can amazingly maintain their natural beauty, radiance and feel for up to 3 years! Zero maintenance required. 

Thinking of sending a Box of Roses to that someone special? Our Luxury Roses That Last A Year are the perfect gift! A memorable touching way to convey a message without words. Alternatively if you are looking to make a style statement in your home, our visually stunning elegant Rose Arrangements make for a dazzling display and add a touch of aesthetic beauty to any room.

Bridal Pink & Snow White Preserved Roses That Last A Year - Small Pink Rose Box Features:

  • Roses In A Box: 6 premium fresh-cut Extra Large Ecuadorian Timeless Luxury Roses™.
  • Rose Box Dimensions 13 x 11.5cm
  • Product Care: Our Rose Arrangements does not require watering. Simply keep the Preserved Roses In A Box away from direct sunlight and within normal room temperature.
  • Shipping & Delivery We offer FREE SHIPPING on all of our Rose Boxes within the USA and also ship our Rose Arrangements worldwide to more than 50 international countries.