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"The World's Most Luxurious Long Lasting Roses"

Palatial Petalsℱ are proud to introduce our exclusive line of Long Lasting Roses, premium-cut Ecuadorian Preserved Roses grown 3,200 meters above sea level on our own boutique rose farm near the Cayambe Volcano Ecuador’s 3rd highest mountain and the coldest place on the equator. Our famous Long Lasting Roses come packed with many benefits including larger heads, more vibrant colors and a superior quality of flower. The altitude at this impressive height provides our Long Lasting Roses with intense lighting which extends the cultivation process while also enhancing the unique natural hues of the distinctive petals of our Preserved Roses.

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Why High Altitude?

Our Long Lasting Roses are bred at a much higher altitude than most roses, equipping them with larger heads, thicker foliage and more vibrant colors. The altitude not only greatly improves the Preserved Roses' quality and aesthetic appearance, but also extends the cultivation period of these Long Lasting Roses. “Roses grown at high altitude have a much longer growing cycle than those harvested at sea level, up to fifteen weeks as opposed to eight, so it is perfect micro-climate to produce the world's most impeccable Long Lasting Roses,” says Christopher, CEO of Palatial Petalsℱ.

While most Ecuadorian roses are cultivated at an altitude of between 2,500 and 2,800 meters, Our Long Lasting Roses will have longer production value because of its prime location 3,200 meters high. According to Christopher, “The real advantage is that you get natural light all year round, so you can grow in winter and don’t have to use any kind of artificial illumination.”

These resilient Long Lasting Roses experience intense lighting year-round which greatly enhances the color of the petals. “The cold nights mean that you get a lot of bi-colors, with contrasting hues on the edges and the insides of petals, these desirable attributes have led to Palatial Petalsℱ becoming one of the world's leading exclusive luxury floral brands,” says Christopher.

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Why Volcanic Soil?

Our Long Lasting Roses are grown on virgin black soil native to the slopes of the Cayambe volcano. This soil is enriched with healthy beneficial micro-organisms that help to extend the box-life of the Preserved Roses. 

The soil is capable of maintaining nutrients and humidity because it isn’t sandy, nor does it contain any pebbles or debris. In fact, half of its nutrients come naturally from organic material which completely eradicates the use of chemical fertilizers.

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Boutique Quality

At our boutique rose farm, quality is never sacrificed. Our Long Lasting Roses have been meticulously developed under rigorous industry-leading standards, thanks in large part to the passionate and dedicated local horticultural experts that work together on our rose farm to form a world-class operation producing what we believe to be "The World's Most Luxurious Long Lasting Roses".

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About Our Long Lasting Roses

Our exclusive line of signature Long Lasting Roses are real premium fresh-cut Ecuadorian Preserved Roses That Last A Year with minimum care and attention. Each individual rose is cut at its most peak and perfect state. Once treated with our sophisticated proprietary solution our roses are transformed into Long Lasting Roses that maintain their freshness and biological structure. The outcome is that our one-of-a-kind Long Lasting Roses magically continue to look, feel, and even smell like fresh-cut roses but with the difference being that they become Roses That Last A Year.


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