Corporate Cleints

The Palatial Petals Business Service caters to hotels, restaurants, estate agents, property developers, and any business with office space by providing a hand-tailored weekly service to perfectly fit the needs of each client. We’ll begin with offering a free on-site consultation, before presenting you with a detailed design brief, tailored exclusively to your needs. Our team will use their wealth of experience to make sure we provide and maintain vase displays of unparalleled quality.

Based in Miami Beach our team will be available to supply our product at a moment’s notice. We understand that this is imperative as viewings can occur at short notice and require the property and its arrangements to always be beautiful. At this point, we would like to introduce our Palatial Timeless Rose range. Palatial Petals are real Ecuadorian roses that have been preserved to last up to a year. These offer both a beautiful visual as well as a financial benefit as they always remain as perfect as the day they are delivered, requiring little to no maintenance.

Our Timeless Palatial Petals are the world’s finest, hand selected in Ecuador, they remain fresh for our set period. If before this period there is a need for a freshen up our service will cater to this. We will never be further than a call away and our expert practitioners, with over twenty-five years of experience, will endeavor to be with you as soon as possible.

We also offer a luxury gifting service that includes all our Palatial Petals products. This is ideal for your clients, as well as internal staff.

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