The Meaning of Red Roses

Red roses are the best known and most popular flowers in the world and are associated with love and friendship. On the other hand, red roses, thanks to their incredible colour and beauty, are perfect for any occasion. Each colour has a different meaning. Have you been surprised with a beautiful bouquet of red roses and you don’t really know what message it contains? From Palatial Petals, we invite you to discover the beauty of eternal roses and we will help you to decipher the language of red roses.

Why do lovers give red roses?

Although there are different myths and theories, we believe the story about the Roman Priest Valentine who said that Claudio III, the emperor at that time, had prohibited young warriors to marry as he believed that if they did not have family ties they would enlist in his army more easily.

Valentine, a fervent defender of love and marriage, married young couples who came to him in secret. When the emperor found out, he put him in prison and condemned him to death. While he was waiting for his sentence, Valentine fell in love with the daughter of the warden, and before his death he declared his love with a note and a red rose. From then, real love is embodied in this beautiful flower.

Meaning red roses

A message of infinite love with a preserved rose

The meaning of red roses is quite clear. This type of flower isn’t given to just anyone, but to someone who we love or want to woo. The drawback of fresh flowers, apart from their high price, is their short lifespan, a problem that we can solve by giving Palatial Petals preserved roses, which are fresh roses that are incredibly beautiful and colourful and which maintain their colour and beauty for years.

Red roses: The quintessential gift of lovers

Red roses shouldn’t be given to family or friends as they could send a confused message. They are reserved for a partner or the person who is in our heart.

In addition to love, red roses also represent passion. If someone gives us red roses, it means that we inspire love and also an intense desire.

Giving roses is a classic on Saint Valentine’s Day. Red roses are ideal as a Saint Valentine’s Day gift, to celebrate an anniversary, an engagement…or simply to let our partner know how much we love them.

It is a lovely way of declaring love, passion, and desire and you can also give a gorgeous bouquet of red and white roses. We can also give a long-stem preserved rose that will remain perfectly the same with the passage of time.

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