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Black Luxury Eternity Rose Bridal Bouquet - Palatial Petals

Black Luxury Eternity Rose Bridal Bouquet

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This is not the bouquet you throw. Our Eternity Rose bouquets last long after your big day and are the perfect keepsake reminder of the all important special day. Create lasting memories with Palatial Petals®


  • 34 premium Ecuadorian Timeless Luxury Roses™
  • Handmade clear acrylic carry handle.
  • Embossed gold foil embossed logo detail.
  • Bouquet dimensions: 22cm tall x 19cm diameter


  • No watering required!
  • Lasts for an entire year.
  • Personalized gift card included.
  • Handmade in USA.
  • Complimentary Shipping.