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These real roses last an entire year

These real roses last an entire year

These real roses last an entire year and no, it’s not witchcraft

Totally obsessed.

Receiving a bouquet of roses is always a special moment, but it’s pretty depressing when they start going brown and need to be chucked out a week later. Having to bin a romantic gesture isn’t very romantic, let’s be real. If you want the magic to last a bit longer (think 51 weeks longer), there’s this cool new company that now sells real roses that last a whopping whole year. And, they don’t even need water to survive. WILD.

The gorgeous long-lasting roses come from a company called Palatial Petals, which was founded by a celebrity Interior Designer called Simon Wilson. And you can totally see his hand in all the work as each of the roses are absolutely perfect.

If you’re wondering how they manage to keep the roses alive for so long, it’s not witchcraft and wizardry — each of the blooms are individually treated with an eco-friendly solution that keep them looking fresh and from losing petals. Nobody tell Belle and the Beast, that story would have panned out way differently if they’d had one of these on hand.

The roses come in over fifteen different colours, ranging from the classics including deep reds and baby pinks to their truly wild blue, grey and rainbow blooms. And these aren’t crappy dyed flowers either, they literally look like they were grown that way and we’re totally falling in love. Apparently, they have some big celebrity fans as well since Bella Hadid has previously raved about them in the past.

Palatial Petals Luxury Rose Boxes Instagram


Unsurprisingly, these beauties aren’t the cheapest around but they’re perfect for special occasions. You can buy a Small Rose Box for $99.99 if you’re on more of a budget or opt for one of their beautiful XL Rose Boxes starting at $499.
And if you really want to make a statement, you can also snag their XL Deluxe Rose Box for $999 which holds up to 200 luxury roses. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Instagram props or an alternative Valentine’s Day gift, they’re a sure fire hit.

We chatted with Palatial Petals to find out what their best-selling bits are and safe to say, we totally see why. Check them out below…

XL Black Rose Box - Louboutin Red & Bridal Pink Luxury Roses That Last 3 Years!

Luxury Rose Box

Priced at $499, available at PALATIAL PETALS

Buy now

XL White Rose Box - 24K Gold Luxury Roses That Last 3 Years!

Luxury Rose Box Gold

Priced at $599, available at PALATIAL PETALS

Buy now

XL Black Rose Box - Snow White Luxury Roses That Last 3 Years!

Roses In A Box

Priced at $499, available at PALATIAL PETALS

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